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Attendance module

The introduction of the Attendance module was in response to requests by schools who wanted GO 4 Schools to be a one-stop-shop for staff, giving them one system for recording assessment, behaviour and attendance data, for writing reports and for viewing student progress.

The attendance module is an optional component of GO 4 Schools. If you choose to use it you can select from one of three tiers, each of which adds to the functionality of the lower tier(s).

  • Tier 1 provides detailed monitoring and analysis of attendance data. It can be used on its own to analyse attendance data taken daily from your MIS, or used as part of tiers 2 or 3 to analyse data recorded directly in GO 4 Schools.
  • Tier 2 adds the ability to record AM/PM session attendance using GO 4 Schools. This is the preferred option of Primary schools using the GO 4 Schools Attendance module. (This is currently only available to schools using SIMS.)
  • Tier 3 adds the ability to record session and lesson attendance using GO 4 Schools. (This is currently only available to schools using SIMS.)

Even if you choose not to use the attendance module, GO 4 Schools will still retrieve key attendance data from your MIS, such as percentage attendance, to provide context for a student's progress, for use in progress reports, and for the statistical analysis of specific groups of students.

Tier 1 – Attendance monitoring

Tier 1 takes the pain out of monitoring student attendance. Tasks that used to take hours can now take just seconds.

Attendance trends

GO 4 Schools can instantly show you trends over time for cumulative and weekly attendance, and how the trend varies for focus groups such as Pupil Premium.

Attendance trends graphs

It can also show you trends for different types of absence, such as authorised versus unauthorised absence and help you spot where you have missing marks.

Attendance trends graphs - types

Persistent Absence

You can instantly see Persistent Absence figures for each week of the academic year, for groups of students such as KS3/KS4, or for Pupil Premium students.

Attendance trends graphs - persistent absence

Attendance bands and interventions

You can define your own attendance bands to easily identify students who are just above or just below the Persistent Absence threshold so that you can target them for intervention, or to identify students with excellent attendance who are due rewards.

Tier 2 – Session attendance recording

Tier 2 of the attendance module allows your staff to record session (AM/PM) attendance in GO 4 Schools quickly and easily. Logging on to GO 4 Schools takes just a few seconds, allowing staff to log on, fill in their register and get on with their day whether they are using a PC, a tablet or even a smart phone.

As a school, you can specify when your registration sessions are, whether they overlap with teaching periods, how long your registers stay open for and which types of mark staff can enter. For example, you can restrict entry of marks other than Present, Absent and Late to attendance officers.

Student register

There are special pages to help attendance officers identify Absence marks - with quick access to parents' contact details - and to identify incomplete and missing registers. There is also a Fire Register facility.

Viewing student attendance

Staff can quickly see detailed attendance information for a student, including how their attendance has changed over time and whether there is a pattern to any absences or problems with punctuality.

Attendance heat map Student attendance

Synchronising with your MIS for the school census

Session attendance data recorded in GO 4 Schools needs to be written back to your MIS so you can submit an accurate school census. GO 4 Schools takes care of this for you, updating your MIS on a daily schedule, typically following your registration sessions by a few minutes. As well as providing you with the information you need for your census, this has the added benefit that session-attendance reports and tools to send SMS messages to the parents of absent students, etc, are still usable.

At present synchronisation is in place for Capita SIMS only, meaning that we are not offering Tier 2 or Tier 3 of the attendance module to schools using other MISes.

Tier 3 – Lesson attendance recording

Tier 3 of the attendance module allows your staff to record lesson attendance in GO 4 Schools In addition to session attendance. As for the recording of session attendance, logging on to GO 4 Schools takes just a few seconds, allowing staff to log on, fill in their register and get on with their day quickly and easily.



GO 4 Schools is supplied as a managed service, charged annually. The annual price depends on the size of your school and the modules you select. You can read more about pricing on our Pricing page, or contact us using the GO 4 Schools enquiry form.


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The Attendance module provides real-time attendance information to other GO 4 Schools modules. Session attendance marks recorded:

Note that if you don't use the GO 4 Schools Attendance module GO 4 Schools can still display summary information drawn from your MIS.