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Seating Plans module

Create seating plans for groups with key school data and individualised teachers' views

The GO 4 Schools Seating Plans module allows your staff to access up-to-the-minute attainment, attendance, behaviour and focus group information about the students they are teaching to help deliver the very best personalised learning for them.
How will using GO 4 Schools Seating Plans support and enhance teaching and learning at your school?
The Seating Plan module uses a broad range of up-to-date school data and presents it in a classroom context to inform teacher planning and intervention. This allows staff to take individual student needs into account and to create a dynamic learning environment.
Multiple data templates created at the school, year group and subject level, help teachers engage with key data and makes them aware of school-based focus groups, such as disadvantaged students or those involved in interventions. Datasets can include custom school data to support planning in line with the school improvement plan.

Key features and benefits:

  • Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop room layout designer allows staff to create flexible seating arrangements such as rows, horseshoes, islands and groups.
  • Quick and easy labelling of key room features, e.g. teacher's desk/projector for orientation.
  • Room layouts can be saved, re-used and shared between staff.
  • Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface allows staff to assign students to seating positions based on attainment, behaviour, SEN information etc.
  • Quickly create data-rich seating plans that are Ofsted-ready, including 'live' current working grades and targets.
  • Datasets with focuses such as attainment, attendance, behaviour, SEN can be created and called-up in seating plans by staff in a single click, as can 'mixed' datasets that combine live, key data from all modules of GO 4 Schools, maximising the impact on teaching and learning.
  • Immediately reflect school priority changes in your seating plans by adjusting datasets centrally.
  • Monitor seating plans at school, department and class level.
  • Save valuable administration time by using data already in GO 4 Schools.
  • Cover staff can see, print and project seating plans quickly.
  • Print or project seating plans, with hide button for sensitive data.
  • Students can view seating plans without access to sensitive data to support quick lesson set-up for teaching staff.
  • Familiar interface for staff to use that does not need additional sign-in to use additional software to create their seating plans.

The Seating Plan module gives schools a range of added functionality alongside online markbooks, attendance, behaviour, homework, progress reports and parental engagement. GO 4 Schools doesn’t just provide a mechanism to collect, analyse and share key data, it impacts directly on the depth of communication between the school, students and parents, helping everyone working together towards success.


Watch a video showing seating plans in action



GO 4 Schools is supplied as a managed service, charged annually. The annual price depends on the size of your school and the modules you select. You can read more about pricing on our Pricing page, or contact us using the GO 4 Schools enquiry form.


Links to other GO 4 Schools modules

The Seating Plan module provides information on key student data, specific contextual information from your MIS such as Pupil premium, EAL, SEN that can be enhanced with school custom data i.e. prior attainment, reading ages, interventions for students. When purchased alongside additional modules information becomes more accessible and embedded across your school, a wide range of data can be viewed:

  • Attendance - session attendance, attendance bands, unauthorised marks, lesson attendance, percentage attendance (percentage attendance only is available from MIS without the GO4 Schools attendance module).
  • Behaviour - total negative and positive behaviour points.
  • Markbooks - current working grade, target grades, and baseline information.
  • Homework - Number set, completed, incomplete across the curriculum or within a specific subject.
  • Reports - view key report data snapshots prepared in student reports.

Future developments will arrive to link the seating plan module intuitively to the online markbooks and detailed analysis data within GO 4 Schools. Schools who have purchased the Seating Plan module will automatically receive these updates as they become live.