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Starter version

We realise that not all schools want, or are able, to introduce change at the same pace. To help schools access the benefits of GO 4 Schools quickly and easily and then add modules as and when they are ready to do so, we have developed a the Starter version of GO 4 Schools.

The starter version is intended to help make the use of data part of the normal working day in your school for all staff. We recognise that for many staff, the only contact that they have with data is entering grades for progress checks. GO 4 Schools removes the barriers to a broader, day-to-day use of data by:

  • Providing a single system for entering data and seeing the story it is telling. Staff record grades in GO 4 Schools and see the statistical analysis - instantly. Everyone can now access the 'story' - not just a chosen few.
  • Making the system as easy to access and use as possible - from school or from home - with a Single Sign On option when at school.
  • Allowing the school to tailor the system to use familiar, school defined language for grades, assessment schemes, and residual outputs, and to set up focus groups that correspond to specific school interventions.

Once these barriers are removed you can start reaping the benefits, spending the time GO 4 Schools can save you on improving outcomes rather than battling with data. Key features of the starter and their benefits are summarised in the table below.

Feature Benefit
Provide all staff with instant access to 'live' cross-curricular statistics. Staff can log on to GO 4 Schools in seconds to view up-to-date statistics such as levels of progress, Progress 8, Attainment 8, The Basics, Post 16 stats, 5+A*-CEM, EBacc, Value Added, Expected progress in English and maths etc.
Provide all staff with instant access to 'live' subject statistics. Staff can log on in seconds to view up-to-date subject statistics such as transition matrices showing progress, pass rates, gaps for focus groups, APS or GCSE numeric points, etc, which is a real time saver during the year for planning and monitoring interventions and for exam analysis.
Provide all staff with instant access to a detailed cross-curricular view for a student. View attendance, demographic, and cross-curricular performance information about a student in seconds, including grades from progress checks in a flight path.
Analyse data by built-in focus groups such as Pupil Premium and your own custom focus groups. Monitor the gaps and the effectiveness of your interventions.
Upload and manually set targets for students, and allow staff to enter working grades and projected grades. Provide instant access to target and progress information for your teaching staff and efficiently collect their input on student progress.
Upload KS2 levels and KS4/post-16 exam results, including early-entry results. Measure progress from KS2 and produce exam analysis statistics for KS4 and post-16.
Produce 'snapshots' of headline grades for progress checks. Capture headline grades and pick lists such as 'Attitude to Learning' at particular points in time and use them to compare gaps for focus groups 'now' against gaps at a previous time, to check your interventions are working and the gaps are closing.
Automatic nightly updates from your MIS to GO 4 Schools. Student enrolment data, demographic data, focus groups such as Pupil premium, and timetables are always up to date.
Customise the headline grades such as external target, school target, aspirational target, working grade, projected grade, exam result, etc. Use a set of grades and language with which your staff are familiar.
Add subjects to GO 4 Schools that are not in your MIS, such as GCSEs in students' home languages, or subjects taught off-timetable such as Dance or Astronomy. Ensure all applicable courses are counted in key statistics, such as Progress 8, Attainment 8, Post 16, 5+A*-CEM, EBacc, Value Added etc.
Attach Individual Education Plans (IEPs) to students. Staff can instantly see students' SEN statuses when planning lessons and can then access any IEPs online.
Enable Single Sign On for staff. Using our Single Sign On tool, staff who have logged on to a school PC can access GO 4 Schools with a single click.
Enable email logon and/or Single Sign On for students. Allows students to logon to GO 4 Schools to access details of their targets, current levels, projected grades, attendance etc.
Universal data Upload GL-Educational datasets such as CAT3, CAT4, PiE, PiM and PASS to provide context about students and to see patterns within groups.

As well as addressing the problems schools face regarding the school-wide use of data, the starter version forms a solid foundation for schools wanting to follow a strategic improvement plan over a number of years. As and when you are ready, you can add modules from the list below to bring the benefits of GO 4 Schools to other areas. The current modules are:

  • Online markbooks - Collect the evidence behind 'working at' and projected grades, such as test results, completion of homework, mock exams, etc, in a transparent and open model that allows all staff to see how students are performing - in detail - across the curriculum.
  • Behaviour - Quickly and easily record and analyse positive and/or negative behaviour events, ensuring consistency of approach to behaviour across the school.
  • Progress reports - Allow the efficient production of great-looking end-of-year reports containing headline grades, pick lists such as Attitude to Learning and written comments.
  • Parental access - Allow your students' parents to log on to GO 4 Schools to monitor their children's progress, behaviour and attendance, and to access their progress reports online.
  • Attendance - Allow the online entry and analysis of attendance data.
  • Homework - Allow the setting of homework by staff and access to homework by students and parents. (Requires the parental access module.)
  • Seating plans - Create seating plans for groups with key school data and individualised teacher's views
  • Mobile App - Instantly communicate with parents and students, giving them access to assessment, behaviour and homework information via their smartphones
  • Trust view - View key data across a group of schools that have the GO 4 Schools Starter version. You can view all schools within your trust, or select specific schools for comparison. The new dashboard view also allows you to drill down into the key data of each school.
  • Governor view - Allow your governors to view key data through a new dashboard view. Allowing them to familiarise themselves with school data without having to wait for reports to be produced.



GO 4 Schools is supplied as a managed service, charged annually. The annual price depends on the size of your school and the modules you select. You can read more about pricing on our Pricing page, or contact us using the GO 4 Schools enquiry form.