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What schools say


"I told my Governors yesterday that it is the best money I have spent in the two years I have been here!"
Sarah Skinner, Headteacher of Claydon High School, Suffolk
"GO 4 Schools has made my job at least 30-40% easier. I can access information about a student, group or department at a click of a button. Our students log in and use GO as a matter of course every school day. Parents too have been highly supportive and enthusiastic – in fact, the level of engagement shown compared to printed reports has been outstanding!"
Principal, Neale-Wade Community College, Cambridgeshire

Heads love GO 4 Schools. Your life is made much easier by having today's key statistics about your school and individual students at your fingertips.

GO 4 Schools also appeals to cost-conscious headteachers and senior leaders who want to streamline internal processes and achieve efficiency savings.

Assessment leaders / Senior leaders

"GO 4 Schools was a massive help in enabling us to target key pupils, and as a result our Level 2 English and Maths rose by 9%. The department that got the most out of it was English, who saw a massive 15% rise (despite stories in the national press), simply because the HOD was able to identify 1 or 2 pupils who were 1 or 2 marks off grade boundaries."
Acting Deputy Head, West Monmouth School, Torfaen
"My Head of English said: 'It isn't everyday I get told to do less work for better outcomes!' High praise indeed!!"
Deputy Headteacher, Hadleigh High, Suffolk
"Intuitive, easy to use yet flexible enough to provide ownership for staff and departments."
Deputy Headteacher, Chantry High School, Suffolk
"Progress tracking made simple!"
Assessment Co-ordinator, Chantry High School & Sixth Form Centre, Suffolk
"GO 4 Schools was extremely easy to install and with a very intuitive set-up I was able to load class data without any initial training. I was very impressed by the demonstration of it actually working in a school. We have had very positive feedback from our trial, with staff, students and parents all eager for us to start using this for real in September 2010."
Director of Learner Progress, Deben High School
"How can we plan effective interventions and achieve whole school improvement if we don't have current information to refer to? Delays in the data collection process and endless spreadsheets waste valuable time and slow us down. We need classroom data in real-time."
Assistant Principal, Neale-Wade Community College

GO 4 Schools tracking tools improve the consistency and reliability of your data. They finally bring an end to dreaded data collections, replacing disconnected, fragmented spreadsheets with coherent, joined up information – freeing up your own time as well as that of other staff.

GO 4 Schools gives you an instantaneous, cross-curricular view to help you plan effective interventions. Data from GO 4 Schools also enables you to respond much faster to information requests from local authorities and Ofsted.

Middle leaders

Heads of Faculty | Subject Leaders

"It is an important tool to monitor student progress throughout the college. The ability to track the input of assessment data by staff members and comment banks is particularly useful."
Head of Faculty, Neale-Wade Community College
"I used to find students on games now they're on GO 4 Schools!"
Head of ICT, Neale-Wade Community College

With GO 4 Schools, you are in control of subject-specific, robust online markbooks.

Any time, 24/7, you can check to see which assignments have been marked, what marks/grades have been awarded and which ones are missing - for whatever reason.

GO 4 Schools shows student progress against targets. One glance at a GO 4 Schools report screen and you have all the information that you need to make timely, evidence-based interventions to help students.

Pastoral leaders

"Yes I have definitely found it useful, for example when we need to talk to students for whatever reason we can quickly see how they are doing in all their subjects."
House Pastoral Assistant, Neale-Wade Community College
"I use GO 4 Schools to show to parents when they come in with concerns regarding their child's progress etc. It’s really helpful to have so much information readily available and easy to read (even to a non teacher!)."
House Pastoral Assistant, Neale-Wade Community College

GO 4 Schools provides the pastoral team and form tutors with a cross-curricular view of progress for each student. This provides a focus for academic mentoring sessions and learning conversations and allows achievable personal targets to be set with students based on current assessment, attendance and behaviour data.

Classroom teachers

"The GO 4 Schools platform is what we have been waiting for. It is such a fantastic interface for entering data and seeing real results in terms of student progress towards targets."
Geography Teacher, Ridgeway School, Plymouth
"I have found GO 4 Schools a very valuable tool and great for parents evenings as with the nature of the carousel I often have only taught pupils for a couple of weeks and this enables me to have all of their DT levels."
Teacher of Food Technology, Neale-Wade Community College

GO 4 Schools makes recording assessments and writing reports so much easier, eliminating duplication and freeing up your time. It also gives you a view of the progress being made by each student that you teach across their whole curriculum: their targets, current grades, attendance and past results – all the background information that you need.


"I find it really useful in my meetings with parents of SEN kids. It’s also proving invaluable for reporting on students' progress to other agencies."
SENCO, Neale-Wade Community College

The transparent, cross-curriculum view of each student that GO 4 Schools provides is hugely valuable to SENCOS who can see, in one click, real-time progress for SEN students, either as groups or as individuals. Individual Education Plans can be linked to students and shared with teachers, students and their parents.

Students and Parents

"I have just navigated my way around the GO 4 Schools system for the first time and wanted to congratulate you! I knew what it was about but now I have had a chance to have a look as a parent I am even more impressed."
Parent and the Chair of Governors, Neale-Wade Community College

GO 4 Schools attracts thousands of logins every day from enthusiastic school students who want to monitor their own progress towards higher achievement.

Parents love GO 4 Schools for the same reason – they can enjoy following their children's progress online, supporting them at every step.